The Green APU Advantage

The powerful 3-cylinder engine provides 30% more Horsepower than competitors allowing for more dependable performance!
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Get More Power

Spend Less money 

On average a truck may consume up to one gallon of diesel fuel per hour of idle time. A Green APU can save up to 70% by burning only approximately .3 gallons of fuel per hour. 


The math is easy, with the cost of diesel being $2.80 per gallon with an average of  2400 hours of idle time per year = using their APU an operator will pay up to $6,720.00 a year for the truck to idle. With a Green APU that same truck/operator will only pay around $2,016.00 per year in idle mode. The savings are huge and will allow more idle time at much less cost this year. Save 70% on average this year per truck!