3 Cylinder Kubota Diesel Engine

26,000 BTU Heating / Cooling Capacity 

Compact Design, Internal Alternator, AC Compressor, AC Condenser

Lightweight Aluminum Casing to remain RUST-FREE


Green APUs

With thousands of APUs on the road now and years of experience, Green APU has the utmost level of performance and dependability! One of the top ranking APUs in engine RPM, fuel efficiency and warranty. 

APU Black No Background.png
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Save Money 

This easy to operate and maintain APU has a simple design to save you money and gain return on your investment. Stay on the road longer and be more comfortable this year.

The enforcement of the no idle job law in the US, many companies are paying more attention to having adequate APUs on semi-trucks. The Auxiliary Power Units are helping many avoid clogged DPFs, get more performance on an hour to hour basis, and conserving the main engine. By reducing the truck hours used you also can avoid losing warranties over time. Buy a Green APU and save money this year while retaining the engine quality and warranty this year.